Real men, real results

Over the years, Men's Fitness magazine has sold millions of copies, worked with dozens of the world's best trainers, and helped countless normal men transform their bodies. Here are just a few of them. 

Ryan Brown

As someone who’d previously struggled to put on bulk, Ryan found that a structured nutrition and workout programme made all the difference: after 12 weeks of loading up on protein and doing compound full-body moves like wide-grip pull-ups, seated rows and squats, he’d piled on over 6kg of lean muscle, while reducing his body fat from 12% to 7%.

Ped Millichamp

After longstanding injury and illness problems, Ped was overweight and had no idea where to even start in the gym. But using a straightforward training and nutrition plan, he managed to shed 6kg of fat and add 1kg of muscle in 12 weeks – and cut his levels of dangerous visceral fat by 40%.

James Young

James had barely even set foot in a gym when he decided to finally improve his strength, fix his muscle imbalances and drop some padding with an 11-week workout plan that included bodyweight moves and gym work. He dropped 10kg over the course of the plan, while adding size and strength to his chest, shoulders and arms.


Nick Hutchings

After months of endurance training, Nick’s strength was at a low ebb. With the help of a 5,000-calorie a day diet and some heroic full-body workouts such as one nicknamed “Max Tin” (squats, bench presses, push presses and deadlifts, with sets of five pull-ups in between), he put on 7kg in eight weeks – then underwent a leaning phase to build the ripped body seen here, having boosted his strength by 39%.

Sam Rider, MF fitness editor

Perennial hard-gainer Sam put on 7kg of muscle in just ten weeks, training for just four hours a week and keeping his body fat under 12%. His energy levels, muscle circumferences, bone health and productivity levels (from not suffering crushing hangovers) went up, while his triglycerides and LDL (“bad”) cholesterol went down.

Ben Ince, MF deputy editor

When Ben met Rich Phillipps – the brains behind the MF TBT plan – he was a pudgy 18.5% body fat. Just eight weeks later, he’d dropped to a cover-model worthy 7.1%, as well as being stronger, leaner and healthier – just in time for his wedding.