The TBT Team

These are the experts behind your transformation


Joel Snape, MF associate editor

In his years working on Men's Fitness, Joel has tried out (almost) every training plan out there, picked up a handful of fitness qualifications and competed in everything from strongman contests to marathons. He also has a six-pack…most of the time. 



Sam Rider, MF fitness editor

Over half a decade working on Mens Fitness magazine, Sam has tried countless training protocols, workouts and exercises and hes transformed his body more than once, going from skinny to stacked and then back to lean again.



Ben Ince, MF deputy editor

As the man who puts together the Mens Fitness Fuel section, Ben works with nutritionists, chefs and trainers to bring together some of the tastiest, healthiest recipes in existence. Hes the man in charge of making sure the plans menu choices taste good as well as burning fat and building muscle.



Rich Phillipps, personal trainer

Over the past 15 years, Rich has worked with dozens of Olympic and professional athletes, actors and fitness models. While hes the first to admit that his training plans arent always for the faint-hearted, he always gets results. Hes the man whos put together the template every TBT plan is based on.


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