Frequently Asked Questions

What is the total body transformation?

It’s a 80-day plan put together by the experts at Men’s Fitness and designed to help you get fit, burn fat and build lean muscle. It can be tailored to your current fitness level, food preferences and goals, so you’ll get better results than you would from following a cookie-cutter programme – and probably have more fun.

Is it designed for men or women?

Both. The exercise selection might seem a bit “manly” at times, but there’s nothing fundamentally different about the way men and women should train. If you stick to the meals in your tailored food plan, you’ll burn fat whether you’re male or female.

Can anyone of any age do this plan?

Some movements in this plan aren't suitable for younger lifters. You'll need to be 18 or over to do the plan.

Do I have to follow a set meal plan?

No. The plan includes a selection of recipes and meal options, which you’ll combine to make healthy, simple meals that you can mix and match to hit your daily totals of protein, carbs and fat.

How often do I have to train?

The plan includes three workouts a week, which is plenty to build muscle and burn fat. If you’d like to add in extra fat-burning sessions there are options included, but you’ll get great results without them.

Do I need access to a gym to do the total body transformation?

Yes. Because the plan’s designed to get you the best results possible in 80 days, certain elements of the plan use gym machines including the leg press, squat rack and so on.

What if I've got other questions about the plan?

You’ll have access to your own Total Body Transformation coach, who’ll reply to any questions you have within 24 hours of getting your email. Need to make an exercise substitution or ask a question about a recipe? They’re there to help.

What if I've got another question before signing up?

Give us a call – during working hours, you can reach us on +44 (0) 207 907 6424.

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